So, you’ve heard of Agile – Truths from behind the curtain

Please remember whilst there have been many businesses that have successfully implemented Agile (or any of its many sub-sets) … this page rather serves as a reminder that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions“.

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… but until then, some interesting articles, as I gather my thoughts 🙂



Why do you never hear of ‘Big Tech’ using Agile / Scrum:
(but what about when you’re just starting out ?)

Thoughts on Estimation:

Whilst the Agile Manifesto is great in theory – many of us live in the real world:
(the link to the tweet at the bottom sums up most of my professional career)


Project Management

How to run an IT Project:
(a good natured commentary on how IT projects REALLY go)

And a bit of ‘truth’ on performance reviews: