Agile Resources and Guides

Agile Basics
Agile Manifesto:
12 Principles:

… there are many, but just the ‘big’ ones:

Scrum: or


Extreme Programming:

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe):

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Becoming a Scrum Master

So, you’ve sat down and thought “I’d like to be a Scrum Master !” … and then … “hmmm, I wonder what I need to do ?”

I’ve often had people ask me “How did I get started ?” which inevitably leads to a lengthy discussion on where to start, what you need to know, and usual next steps – ultimately, I try to point everyone in the right direction … and typically end up wondering (much later) if I should have written more of it down for them.

So (I thought) it’s time to write up some of my notes, and hopefully some of the things below will help launch your next career step.

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